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 Dinglewoods is a Canadian woodcraft and furniture company that features locally made products from independent makers across the country. Our focus is to deliver high-quality products to conscientious consumers, who are invested in knowing that their products are coming from ethically and environmentally sustainable places. 

Dinglewoods About Us Handcrafted Canadian Furniture 


Generations ago the furniture and products we had in our homes represented heartfelt treasures that grew with our families. Dinglewoods and it's ever growing customer base believes in supporting local economies (and local craftsmen) who hold uphold these same "made to last" values. Each time you invest in a Dinglewood product, you are helping to reduce global carbon footprints and strengthen our domestic economy. This approach is having a significant impact on the quality of life for each of our makers, and prepares our next generation for more sustainable consumerism.


Dinglewoods Canadian Handcrafted Furniture Made to Deliver


Aside from the feel-good aspects of investing in local makers; Dinglewoods makes it increasingly easier to get these hand-crafted products delivered right to your door! All you have to do is choose the next perfect piece of furniture for your home, enter your shipping details and let us take care of the rest!  Questions about how it works? Use our contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch.


Dinglewoods Canadian Made Wood Furniture 


"We take the convenience of online selling to a whole new level"  

The road towards entrepreneurial success is not an easy one and can be dreadful for a lot of people. The next thing you know you’re working longer hours, safety nets slowly fade away, and the security of next month is long gone. Our ultimate goal is to help you get closer to the life and freedom you’ve been dreaming of through a platform we’ve created for you to sell your products.
We share something in common, the vision of putting out products that will make the life of every family a lot better. By partnering with brands and entrepreneurs who love to put out wonderful products but don’t have the time to create their own website, we’re paving the way for these small businesses to scale and flourish. And we don’t stop once your product is listed on our platform, growth will take time and we’ll be with you every step of the way.
Right from the start, you will experience the difference in how we handle and see customer experience. We make you the priority as our team of experts heed even your smallest of issues with the platform and give you the best solution that will have lasting benefits. Every interaction you make with us will be a promise of the better things to come as we treat you to the most productive and hassle-free online selling experience of your life.
By creating a platform where sellers can easily list their products and buyers can enjoy given the wide variety of categories, we’re taking the convenience of online shopping to a whole new level.

Dinglewoods Canadian Handcrafted Wood Furniture made by local makers

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